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Detailed Information for "Oh Captain":

Oh Captain

Basic CD Information
Title:Oh Captain
Artist:1958 Original Broadway Cast
Playing Time:57 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:Drg
Catalog Number:19030
Release Date:8/27/2002
Collection Information
Database addition date:5/10/2004
Price Paid:$6.99
Online Status
MP3 Album ID:f30d4d13
Path:./Cast Recordings/Oh Captain!
Track Listing
1.Very Proper Town (6:25)
2.Life Does a Man a Favor (When It Gives Him Simple Joys) (2:27)
3.Life Does a Man a Favor (When It Leads Him Down to the Sea) (1:29)
4.Captain Henry St. James (2:03)
5.Three Paradises (3:14)
6.Surprise (3:06)
7.Life Does a Man a Favor (When It Puts Him in Paree)/Hey Madame! (1:53)
8.Femininity (2:44)
9.It's Never Quite the Same (4:26)
10.We're Not Children (3:43)
11.Give It All You Got/Love Is Hell (3:43)
12.Keep It Simple (2:00)
13.Morning Music of Montmartre (2:50)
14.You Don't Know Him (4:43)
15.I've Been There and I'm Back (3:28)
16.Double Standard (2:19)
17.You're So Right for Me (3:01)
18.All the Time (2:13)
19.Finale (0:57)

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