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Detailed Information for "A Grand Night For Singing":

A Grand Night For Singing

Basic CD Information
Title:A Grand Night For Singing
Artist:Original Cast
Playing Time:74 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:Varese Sarabande
Catalog Number:5516
Release Date:n/a
Collection Information
Database addition date:8/29/2003
Price Paid:$3.99
MP3 Information
Archived in MP3:Yes
Quality:192 Kbps
Size:99.9 MB
Archive Volume:Broadway #66
Online Status
MP3 Album ID:58115a17
Path:./Cast Recordings/A Grand Night For Singing
Track Listing
1.Sounds Of The Earth / The Carousel Waltz / So Far / It's A Grand Night For Singing (5:07)
2.The Surry With The Fringe On Top / Stepsisters' Lament (4:51)
3.We Kiss In A Shadow (2:38)
4.Hello, You Lovers / I Cain't Say No (2:43)
5.Maria (1:51)
6.Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? (1:34)
7.Honey Bun (2:48)
8.The Gentleman Is A Dope (2:30)
9.Don't Marry Me (2:24)
10.Many A New Day / I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair (2:58)
11.If I Loved You (1:56)
12.Shall We Dance? (2:53)
13.That's The Way It Happens / All At Once You Love Her / Some Enchanted Evening (8:15)
14.Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' (2:25)
15.It Might As Well Be Spring (1:56)
16.Kansas City (3:12)
17.A Hundred Million Miracles / When The Children Are Asleep / I Know It Can Happen Again / My Litt (3:56)
18.It's Me (3:25)
19.Love, Look Away (2:36)
20.When You're Driving Through The Moonlight / A Lovely Night (3:56)
21.Something Wonderful (2:40)
22.This Nearly Was Mine (2:56)
23.Impossible / I Have Dreamed (4:31)

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