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Detailed Information for "King And I (Varese Sarabande), The":

King And I (Varese Sarabande), The

Basic CD Information
Title:King And I (Varese Sarabande), The
Artist:Original 1996 Broadway Cast
Playing Time:64 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:Varese Sarabande
Catalog Number:5763
Release Date:10/8/1996
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/27/2002
Price Paid:$0.00
Track Listing
1.Overture/Orchestra (1:30)
2.I Whistle a Happy Tune/Anna and Louis (2:36)
3.Royal Dance Before the King/Company (2:36)
4.My Lord and Master/Tuptim (2:08)
5.Hello, Young Lovers/Anna (3:13)
6.The March of the Siamese Children/Orchestra (3:39)
7.A Puzzlement/King (4:19)
8.Getting to Know You/Anna, Tuptim, Lady Thiang, Louis, Royal Wives, Royal Children (4:48)
9.We Kiss in a Shadow/Lun Tha, Tuptim (4:31)
10.Shall I tell you what I think of you?/Anna (5:30)
11.Something Wonderful/Lady Thiang, Kralahome (4:17)
12.Final to Act One/Company (2:42)
13.I Have Dreamed/Lun Tha, Tuptim (3:12)
14.Hello, Young Lovers (reprise)/Anna (2:14)
15.Song of the King/King, Anna (1:16)
16.Shall we Dance?/Anna, King (4:52)
17.Confrontation/Anna, Kralahome (0:59)
18.Procession of the White Elephant/Company (3:51)
19.The Letter/Lady Thiang, Anna, Louis, Chulalongkorn (3:07)
20.Finale/King, Anna, Chulalongkorn (2:49)

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