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Detailed Information for "Oklahoma!":


Basic CD Information
Artist:Original 1951 Nelson Eddy Cast
Playing Time:53 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:Sony Broadway
Catalog Number:53326
Release Date:3/9/1993
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/20/2002
Price Paid:$0.00
MP3 Information
Archived in MP3:Yes
Quality:192 Kbps
Size:74.7 MB
Archive Volume:Broadway #28
Track Listing
1.Overture (5:12)
2.Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (3:20)
3.Surrey with the Fringe on Top, The (5:49)
4.Kansas City (1:55)
5.I Cain't Say No (3:29)
6.Entrance of Ensemble (1:00)
7.Many a New Day (2:54)
8.It's a Scandal! It's a Outrage! (3:21)
9.People Will Say We're in Love (4:33)
10.Pore Jud Is Daid (4:54)
11.Lonely Room (2:19)
12.Out of My Dreams (2:42)
13.Farmer and the Cowman, The (4:22)
14.All Er Nothin' (3:30)
15.People Will Say We're in Love (Reprise) (1:28)
16.Oklahoma! (2:54)

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