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Detailed Information for "Anyone Can Whistle: Live At Carnegie Hall":

Anyone Can Whistle: Live At Carnegie Hall

Basic CD Information
Title:Anyone Can Whistle: Live At Carnegie Hall
Artist:Original 1995 Cast
Playing Time:77 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:Columbia
Catalog Number:67224
Release Date:7/18/1995
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/27/2002
Price Paid:$0.00
Track Listing
1.Overture (1:51)
2.Narrator's Introduction (0:48)
3.Me and My Town (4:46)
4.Miracle Introduction (1:07)
5.Miracle Song (4:30)
6.Fay's Arrival (1:38)
7.Cookie Speech (1:30)
8.There Won't Be Trumpets (3:28)
9.Hapgood's Arrival (1:43)
10.Simple (The Interrogation) (15:33)
11.Entr'acte (1:23)
12.Hooray For Hapgood (0:59)
13.Come Play Wiz Me (3:31)
14.Whistle Introduction (1:08)
15.Anyone Can Whistle (4:02)
16.Hooray For Hapgood (Reprise) (0:29)
17.A Parade In Town (2:50)
18.Transition - Tear Up Those Records (0:12)
19.Everybody Says Don't (2:18)
20.I've Got You To Lean On (5:13)
21.Transition - See What It Gets You (0:23)
22.See What It Gets You (2:37)
23.Transition - Cookie Arrest (0:24)
24.Cookie Chase (4:31)
25.There's Always A Woman (3:14)
26.Transition - With So Little To Be Sure Of (0:12)
27.With So Little To Be Sure Of (4:59)
28.Finale (1:30)

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