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Detailed Information for "A Tale Of Cinderella: A New Musical For...":

A Tale Of Cinderella: A New Musical For...

Basic CD Information
Title:A Tale Of Cinderella: A New Musical For...
Artist:Original Cast
Playing Time:72 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:Atlantic Theatre
Catalog Number:82845
Release Date:10/10/1995
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/20/2002
Price Paid:$0.00
Track Listing
1.Overture (1:48)
2.Buon Giomo (3:35)
3.Tale of Cinderella, The (2:16)
4.Hear Us (2:00)
5.Cinderella (0:41)
6.Scene: In the House (0:29)
7.Poor, Poor, Poor (1:59)
8.Scene: In the House (0:16)
9.In the Air (2:41)
10.Scene: In the House (0:24)
11.These Graceful Hands / Stepmother Casts a Spell (1:56)
12.Scene: In the Square (0:29)
13.Showoff (1:29)
14.Scene: In the Square (0:54)
15.Have Faith (1:34)
16.Scene: In the Square (0:22)
17.Make Magic (2:54)
18.Scene: In the Square (0:22)
19.Demons and Devils and Witches (2:21)
20.Peliculo (3:12)
21.Scene: In the Square (0:18)
22.Unmarried Women (3:16)
23.Out of the Ashes (2:55)
24.Bring My Porridge (0:47)
25.Some Sweet Day (2:51)
26.Can You Believe It? (1:05)
27.Scene: In the House (0:14)
28.Love, Love, Love, Love (2:34)
29.Scene: In the Square (0:12)
30.Showoff (Reprise) (0:35)
31.Scene: In the Square (0:36)
32.Bells / Mi Dispaice (2:32)
33.Scene: In the House (0:13)
34.Amulet, The (1:50)
35.Scene: In the House (1:37)
36.Don't Mess with la Stella (2:19)
37.Be Back by Midnight / To the Ball (2:30)
38.Scene: Cinderella Arrives / In the Palace (1:15)
39.Compliments (1:33)
40.Scene: In the Palace (0:13)
41.No One Ever Told Me (3:43)
42.Scene: Midnight Chimes (0:21)
43.Scene: In the Square (0:16)
44.Prince, The (2:30)
45.Scene: In the House (1:36)
46.You Are My Love / No One Ever Told Me (Reprise) (1:56)
47.Cinderella (Finale) (1:11)

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