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Detailed Information for "Annie Get Your Gun":

Annie Get Your Gun

Basic CD Information
Title:Annie Get Your Gun
Artist:Original 1957 NBC-TV Cast
Playing Time:39 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:EMI Angel
Catalog Number:64765
Release Date:n/a
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/7/2003
Price Paid:$5.99
MP3 Information
Archived in MP3:Yes
Quality:192 Kbps
Size:52.9 MB
Archive Volume:Broadway #64
Online Status
MP3 Album ID:b909090d
Path:./Cast Recordings/Annie Get Your Gun
Track Listing
1.Overture (2:42)
2.I'm a Bad, Bad Man (1:44)
3.Doin' What Comes Natur'lly (2:26)
4.The Girl That I Marry (2:16)
5.You Can't Get a Man with a Gun (3:21)
6.Moonshine Lullaby (3:38)
7.They Say It's Wonderful (3:37)
8.My Defenses are Down (3:25)
9.I'm an Indian Too (2:41)
10.I Got Lost in His Arms (3:17)
11.I Got the Sun in the Morning (3:16)
12.Anything You Can Do (3:06)
13.There's No Business Like Show Business (3:04)

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