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Detailed Information for "Cabin In The Sky":

Cabin In The Sky

Basic CD Information
Title:Cabin In The Sky
Artist:1963 New York Revival Cast
Playing Time:76 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:EMI Angel
Catalog Number:64892
Release Date:7/20/1993
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/20/2002
Price Paid:$0.00
Track Listing
1.Main Title (1:44)
2.Foreword (0:25)
3.Li'l Black Sheep (3:46)
4.Old Ship of Zion (3:06)
5.But The Flesh Is Weak (1:14)
6.Prayer, The (1:43)
7.First Revelation, The (3:01)
8.Saint Petunia (2:43)
9.Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe / Addenda To Happiness (3:02)
10.Dat Suits Me [Outtake] (1:08)
11.Beside The Still Waters (2:01)
12.Cabin In The Sky (4:30)
13.Ain' It The Truth [Outtake] (5:24)
14.Ain' It The Truth Reprise [Outtake] (2:31)
15.Taking A Chance On Love (4:20)
16.Meek And The Mild, The (4:35)
17.Life's Full O' Consequence / Addenda To Consequence (1:50)
18.Petunia In The Wilderness (0:38)
19.Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe (Reprise) (1:25)
20.Things Ain't What They Used To Be (1:26)
21.Going Up (3:39)
22.Down At Jim Henry's / In My Old Virginia Home / On The River Nile (1:38)
23.Shine / Introduction To Shine (2:51)
24.Honey In The Honeycomb (1:54)
25.Love Me Tomorrow (3:41)
26.Honey In The Honeycomb (Reprise) (1:22)
27.Sweet Petunia (1:21)
28.Third Revelation, The (2:14)
29.Little Joe Throws Snake Eyes (4:07)
30.Amen (1:16)
31.Taking A Chance On Love (Reprise) (0:36)
32.Taking A Chance On Love [Supplemental Material] (1:10)

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