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Detailed Information for "A New Brain":

A New Brain

Basic CD Information
Title:A New Brain
Artist:Original Cast
Playing Time:78 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:RCA Victor
Catalog Number:63298
Release Date:9/15/1998
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/20/2002
Price Paid:$0.00
MP3 Information
Archived in MP3:Yes
Quality:160 Kbps
Size:89.9 MB
Archive Volume:Broadway #17
Track Listing
1.Frogs Have So Much Spring (The Spring Song) (1:16)
2.Calamari (3:40)
3.911 Emergency / I Have So Many Songs (1:45)
4.Heart and Music (3:27)
5.Trouble Is His Brain (0:49)
6.Mother's Gonna Make Things Fine (1:30)
7.Sailing (3:06)
8.Family History (0:50)
9.Gordo's Law of Genetics (2:39)
10.And They're Off (3:42)
11.Just Go (2:06)
12.Poor, Unsuccessful and Fat (2:29)
13.Sitting Becalmed in the Lee of Cuttyhunk (3:24)
14.Invitation to Sleep in My Arms, An (4:29)
15.Change (2:54)
16.Yes (3:17)
17.In the Middle of the Room (2:01)
18.Throw It Out (3:17)
19.Really Lousy Day in the Universe, A (3:30)
20.Brain Dead (2:40)
21.Whenever I Dream (1:40)
22.Eating Myself up Alive (2:17)
23.Music Still Plays On, The (4:49)
24.Don't Give In (3:40)
25.You Boys Are Gona Get Me in Such Trouble / Sailing (Reprise) (2:45)
26.Homeless Lady's Revenge, The (3:35)
27.Time (1:28)
28.Time and Music (1:37)
29.I Feel So Much Spring (3:39)

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