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Detailed Information for "Sitting Pretty":

Sitting Pretty

Basic CD Information
Title:Sitting Pretty
Artist:1990 Studio Cast
Playing Time:106 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:New World Records
Catalog Number:80387
Release Date:12/8/1992
Collection Information
Database addition date:9/24/2004
Price Paid:$16.99
MP3 Information
Archived in MP3:Yes
Quality:192 Kbps
Size:99.9 MB
Archive Volume:Broadway #82
Online Status
MP3 Album ID:8a18d418
Path:./Cast Recordings/Sitting Pretty
Track Listing
1.Overture (7:15)
2.Is This Not A Lovely Spot? (4:42)
3.You Alone Would Do (3:20)
4.Worries (4:00)
5.Bongo On The Congo (5:31)
6.Mr. and Mrs. Rorer (3:15)
7.There Isn't One Girl (5:41)
8.A Year From Today (4:32)
9.Shufflin' Sam (4:39)
10.Act One Finale (7:44)
11.Entr'acte (3:17)
12.Opening Act Two (5:04)
13.Days Gone By (3:00)
14.All You Need Is A Girl (3:42)
15.Tulip Time In Sing Sing (3:35)
16.On A Desert Island With You (5:30)
17.The Enchanted Train (5:09)
18.Shadow Of The Moon (4:58)
19.Sitting Pretty (3:30)
20.Finale Ultimo (2:17)
21.Opening Act One (original version) (3:54)
22.All The World Is Dancing Mad (4:23)
23.I'm Wise (3:41)
24.Just Wait (3:16)

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