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Detailed Information for "Seventh Heaven":

Seventh Heaven

Basic CD Information
Title:Seventh Heaven
Artist:1955 Original Broadway Cast
Playing Time:43 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:Decca
Catalog Number:6
Release Date:10/7/2003
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/23/2006
Price Paid:$6.99
Track Listing
1.Overture (2:56)
2.C'est La Vie (2:03)
3.Where Is That Someone for Me (3:30)
4.Camiile, Collette, Fifi (2:17)
5.A Man with a Dream (1:48)
6.Remarkable Fellow (1:23)
7.If It's a Dream (3:21)
8.Happy Little Crook (2:34)
9.Sun at My Window, Look at My Door (3:00)
10.A 'Miss You' Kiss (2:13)
11.Chico's Reverie (4:48)
12.Love, Love, Love (2:06)
13.Love Sneaks Up on You (2:34)
14.Finale (C'est La Vie) (2:37)
15.Blessings (2:41)
16.Where Is That Someone for Me (2:58)

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