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Detailed Information for "The Rink":

The Rink

Basic CD Information
Title:The Rink
Artist:1984 Original Broadway Cast
Playing Time:59 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:Jay Records
Catalog Number:1328
Release Date:9/14/1999
Collection Information
Database addition date:4/3/2004
Price Paid:$7.99
MP3 Information
Archived in MP3:Yes
Quality:192 Kbps
Size:82.5 MB
Archive Volume:Broadway #53
Track Listing
1.Colored Lights (5:38)
2.Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (3:56)
3.Don't Ah Ma Me (2:35)
4.Blue Crystal (3:01)
5.Under The Rollercoaster (2:05)
6.Not Enough Magic (4:19)
7.We Can Make It (3:31)
8.After All These Years (1:56)
9.Angel's Rink And Social Center (3:11)
10.What Happened To The Old Days? (3:45)
11.The Apple Doesn't Fall (4:20)
12.Marry Me (3:13)
13.Mrs. A (3:53)
14.The Rink (3:42)
15.Wallflower (2:14)
16.All The Children In A Row (5:58)
17.Finale (1:58)

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