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Detailed Information for "Annie Warbucks":

Annie Warbucks

Basic CD Information
Title:Annie Warbucks
Artist:Original Cast
Playing Time:63 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:Broadway Angel
Catalog Number:55040
Release Date:11/16/1993
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/20/2002
Price Paid:$0.00
MP3 Information
Archived in MP3:Yes
Quality:192 Kbps
Size:86.1 MB
Archive Volume:Broadway #45
Track Listing
1.Overture (3:40)
2.A New Deal for Christmas/Annie Ain't Just Annie Anymore (0:47)
3.Annie Ain't Just Annie Anymore (1:47)
4.Above the Law (lead-in) (0:43)
5.Above the Law (1:46)
6.Changes (lead-in) (0:24)
7.Changes (2:28)
8.The Other Woman (lead-in) (0:30)
9.The Other Woman (2:51)
10.That's the Kind of Woman (lead-in) (0:46)
11.That's the Kind of Woman (3:05)
12.A Younger Man (lead-in) (0:57)
13.A Younger Man (2:56)
14.But You Go On (lead-in) (1:07)
15.But You Go On (3:54)
16.Above the Law (reprise) (1:37)
17.I Got Me (lead-in) (1:22)
18.I Got Me (3:26)
19.Love (lead-in) (1:13)
20.Love (2:19)
21.Love (reprise) (1:17)
22.Somebody's Gotta Do Somethin' (lead-in) (1:10)
23.Somebody's Gotta Do Somethin' (3:52)
24.Leave It To The Girls (3:59)
25.All Dolled Up (3:30)
26.It Would Have Been Wonderful (lead-in) (1:32)
27.It Would Have Been Wonderful (2:38)
28.When You Smile (lead-in) (0:36)
29.When You Smile (1:00)
30.Finale (lead-in I Always Knew) (3:05)
31.I Always Knew (1:22)
32.Finale Ultimo (curtain call) (1:09)

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