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Detailed Information for "A Slice Of Saturday Night - The '60s Musical":

A Slice Of Saturday Night - The '60s Musical

Basic CD Information
Title:A Slice Of Saturday Night - The '60s Musical
Artist:Original Cast
Playing Time:78 minutes
Record Company Information
Record Label:First Night
Catalog Number:7102
Release Date:7/27/1993
Collection Information
Database addition date:1/27/2002
Price Paid:$0.00
Track Listing
1.A Slice of Saturday Night (2:06)
2.Club A-Go-Go (3:01)
3.Waiting (3:03)
4.Saturday Chat (1:57)
5.Seventeen (2:59)
6.Don't Touch Me (1:21)
7.Dont' Touch Me (Reprise) (0:41)
8.twiggy (2:35)
9.Cliff (2:02)
10.Love On Our Side (3:01)
11.What Do I Do Now? (2:26)
12.What Do I Do? (2:50)
13.If You Want to Have Fun (1:18)
14.The Long Walk Back (3:30)
15.Romance/Wham Bam (2:48)
16.The Boy of My Dreams (3:03)
17.It Wouldn't Be Saturday Night Without A Fight (2:57)
18.Eric's Hokey Cokey (2:11)
19.I Fancy You (3:41)
20.Sentimental Eyes (1:03)
21.Heartbreaker (2:40)
22.Eric's Gonna Keep Doing (1:44)
23.Oh So Bad (3:25)
24.Please Don't Tell Me (4:28)
25.You're Oh So . . . (1:59)
26.Lies (2:17)
27.Baby I ALove You (1:49)
28.P.E. (2:31)
29.Who'd Be Seventeen (2:25)
30.Last Saturday Night (2:54)
31.A Slice of Saturday Night/Club A Go-Go (reprise) (2:54)

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