Here's a rundown of my network:

Guppy.fishbowl.nu (main desktop)
    Intel Pentium4, 2.4GHz Hyperthreaded CPU
    Asus P4P800-SE Motherboard
    2GB DDR400 RAM (dual channel)
    Seagate Barracuda 160G SATA Disk (system)
    Seagate Barracuda 300G Disk (data)
    Adaptec 2940AU SCSI Controller
    Plextor 32X UltraPlex SCSI CD-ROM
    Plextor 12/10/32 1210S SCSI CD-RW
    Pioneer 10x DVD/40x CD SCSI
    NEC 4x DVD IDE Burner
    Soundblaster Audigy2
    ATI 9600 128M AGP Video
    Onboard gigabit
    Windows XP Pro SP2
    Services: TiVoServer, print server
    Comments: I love this box. (Yes, I love a machine.) This things rocks.
Bass.fishbowl.nu (linux box)
    Intel 1.8GHz Celeron
    Asus P4PE-X
    1GB DDR333
    IBM 30G Disk
    Some old, ghetto video card
    3Com 3c905b ethernet
    WD 120G 8M cache, WD 120G 8M cache paired as raid
    Services: samba, webmail, imap/pop3, www, rsync backup, web proxying
    Comments: Ditto that of guppy. This box is so freaking stable. I love it.
Minnow.fishbowl.nu (parents box)
    Intel Pentium 2 400
    Some Soyo motherboard
    256M PC133
    IBM 40G Disk
    3com 3c905b ethernet
Metafish.fishbowl.nu (VMWare)
    Intel Pentium4, 1.8GHz CPU
    Asus P4P8X Motherboard
    1.75GB DDR RAM
    Seagate Barracuda 80G IDE Disk (system)
    Hitachi 160GB SATA Disk (VMWare images)
    DVD reader
    VMWare Workstation, hosting:
      Windows Server 2003 / SQL Server 2000

      Windows Server 2003 / Visual Studio .NET 2003 Dev

      Windows Server 2003 / SQL Server 2005

      Windows Server 2003 / Visual Studio .NET 2005 Dev

      Linux test 1

      I tend to give the SQL Servers about 512MB of RAM and the dev boxes 768 (so I don't run 2 devs at the same time)
Puffer.fishbowl.nu (ghost imaging box)
    Intel Pentium 3 550
    Asus P2b or similar board
    768M PC133
    WD 40G disk
Piranha.fishbowl.nu (network firewall)
    Intel Celeron 333MHz
    256M PC133
    3G disk
    Services: smtp, mail spam/virus scanning, ntp, dhcp, dns (internal and external), mrtg network monitoring, vpn, nat firewall, traffic shaping (gives vonage phone adapter priority)
    Comments: this box just keeps chugging and chugging. I have a bit for bit copy of the harddrive and regularly rsync the current drive to the file server. If the harddrive goes, I just rsync in reverse to the new disk and I'm up.
Sunfish.fishbowl.nu (Solaris dev box)
    Sun Ultra 1
    256M RAM
    2x4GB disk
Retired Guppy.fishbowl.nu
    2 x Intel Pentium 2 400MHz CPUs
    SuperMicro P6DBE Motherboard
    448M PC100 SDRAM
    IBM 40G 7200 RPM Disk
    IBM 16.8G 5400 RPM Disk
    ATI All-In-Wonder 8M
Power protection:
    The primary switch (Netgear fs108), cable modem, guppy (and periph's) and piranha are protected by a 1250va Belkin UPS (overkill).

    Bass, the secondary switch (Netgear fs116) and the 802.11b AP has its own 750va UPS.

    Minnow has a 350va UPS (primarily to just survive brownouts).

    Most of the other machines are not on constantly so they do not have UPS protection.

Last Update: Friday, 22-Sep-2006 13:47:46 EDT